Horrible Bosses (2011)

“You can’t win a marathon without putting some bandaids on your nipples”

Cast: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis

After another night at the pub bitching about their bosses, 3 best friends Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis all fantasise about how much easier their lives would be if they could just kill their bosses. Quitting is not an option and so with the help of ex-con Jamie Foxx, this hypothetical world soon turns real. Turns out killing your boss isn’t as straight forward as you’d think.

Bateman, Day and Sudeikis carry the film. They’re the leads so obviously it’s their job. Pulling their camaraderie to the forefront though and letting it play out was the best thing that director Seth Gordon could have done. While the story falls thin in some places, this bond and friendship between the 3 – which according to the outtakes must stretch past the workplace – holds the film together.

As individuals the trio all do their bit. They each have their own quirks and they all muster laughs throughout. They are all known to be funny guys though so it came as no real surprise that they performed well and got what they needed from the audience.

Farrell plays a sleazy, drug addict who is the son of Sudeikis’ previous boss. With his non-existant work ethic and power mad attitude, he is a nightmare to work for. I’m still trying to get over his horrendous combover and pot belly – both attributes that  Farrell suggested his character should have. Farrell does a fine job in this role. Though all he had to do was look spaced out and act as a sleazebag for most of the film, he does it well.

Aniston really surprised me. I’m so used to her being typecast in good girl roles (thanks to her Friends days) that when she appeared with a potty mouth and no shame, I was taken totally off-guard. It was nice to see this change of pace and it definitely allowed for her to act outside of her comfort zone.

Spacey is great as a creepy, paranoid freak Dave Harken. Between having a pretty wife at home who he believes is having an affair and running a massive business which he is both President and Vice President of, he always is full of suspicion about things that could threaten his position both in and out of work. Spacey plays Harken well and I did like him in this role, though he’s always been good at being a bad guy.

While some areas of the script could have been tighter and it slightly loses it’s focus towards the end, Horrible Bosses is a fun film that gives space for a trio of good comedic actors and many laughs along the way.

Star rating:   7/10

Directed by Seth Gordon.

Running time 98 minutes.

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