Just Go With It (2011)

“I can’t wait to Twitter this to all my friends.”

Cast:  Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler make a good team. Even if it’s a fake one.

Plastic surgeon Danny has always won over the ladies by spinning extravagant lies. However when he becomes tangled in one of his worst yet, he manages to get his assistant Katherine involved and her two kids.

Just Go With it is pretty conventional, though that doesn’t make it any less entertaining to watch. Sometimes it’s just good to sit back and watch a film that you know will be easy and lighthearted, maybe providing some good entertainment if you’re lucky.

The film as a whole is okay. It’s nothing groundbreaking and judging by the mixed reviews, the remake doesn’t compare to its original (of a different name), Cactus Flower from 1969. Though what remakes these days have done better than their originals, especially ones with Sandler at the forefront?

With Brooklyn Decker playing the hot young girlfriend and Nicole Kidman in the role of Aniston’s high school frenemy, it’s nothing to get excited about. Sandler is his goofy, school boy self – we’ve seen this a million times – and Just Go With It is totally his territory. Kidman was quite boring, Aniston was average and all I remember about Decker was how young and pretty she looked compared to everyone else. Though I have to give props to Aniston and Kidman for stripping down to their hot bikini bods, while the apparent babe-magnet Sandler stays buttoned up in his Hawaiian shirt – obvious double standards but that’s nothing to write home about these days.

The gags are cheap and recycled and the acting is average, but even still I enjoyed it. I didn’t love it. I won’t be buying the film. Heck, I’ll probably never see it again, but for the time that it was on it did the job.

Just Go With it is a film that you can take or leave. It’s just another Sandler film.

Star rating:   5/10

Directed by Dennis Dugan.

Running time 110 minutes.

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