In Time (2011)

“How can you live with yourself watching people die right next to you?”

Cast: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy

This is a world where the rich live forever and the poor must do whatever means necessary to live a day longer.

In this futuristic dystopia, time is literally money. At 25 people stop ageing and are given just one more year to live. Will, being poor (or you could say being one of the 99%) is just trying to get through each day as it comes..

When Will is gifted one hundred years by a rich, old man though, the timekeepers (aka the authoritarians) suspect foul play and set off after Will, who they accuse of murder. Wanting to rebel against the system that favours the rich and neglects the poor, Will finds an unlikely alliance with Sylvia, daughter to tycoon Philippe Weis, and works his way to becoming a modern day Robin Hood/ Bonnie and Clyde.

Niccol’s an anti-capitalist allegory, while maybe seeming promising, turns out to be a bit heavy handed and clunky. We never are told why everybody is living by this time constraint device or as to who is in charge, so to speak.

The acting is okay, but nothing Oscar worthy. Justin Timberlake is certainly establishing his name in the acting industry rather than being the kid who sings, and he does seem to have developed from his early days. He was actually alright in the film. But seeing Olivia Wilde as his mother really freaked me out. I thought they were gonna get it on when I initially saw the two of them together. And then I couldn’t concentrate.

Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser also made an appearance as a time-tycoon. I think he should stick to 60s America though, he didn’t seem too motivated or emotional in any of the ‘distressing’ scenes. Amanda Seyfried was a bit boring for me too. The ginger wig is plain awful and if the people of this dystopian future are really in a literal race against time, why is she still wearing 6 inch heels?

Good concept, well executed, but it lacked in character development and overall roundness, there was no real foundation for the film to be built on. Just a bit meh.

Star rating:  5/10

Directed by Andrew Niccol.

Running time 109 minutes.

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