Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)

“Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.”

Cast:  Uma Thurman, David Carradine and Michael Madsen

Thankfully, the second instalment of Kill Bill is just as kick ass as the first.

If you haven’t seen Volume 1, Volume 2 is pretty easy to get to grips with. The Bride is on her continued streak of vengeance against her ex-boss, Bill, and his two remaining associates; his younger brother Budd, and Bill’s latest flame Elle.

While the story is pretty straight forward, I would recommend watching the first film to help clarify some specific details and to acknowledge the elaborate violence, blood and gore Tarantino adopts in these films. The visceral aspects shocked some so easing your way into the style may be advised, however Volume 2 it isn’t as amplified as Volume 1. It could even be said that Volume 2 is less gory and action packed, and rather more developed in terms of dialogue and character than Volume 1.

The same style is carried between the films, with sound and colour being the main device that has us in the palm of Tarantino’s hands. It’s amazing how much difference and added emotion can be had from changing styles of sound and colour; it’s definitely one of the things I think both Kill Bill’s should pride itself on.

While we were shown a bit about Daryl Hannah and Michael Madsen’s characters in the first volume, this film is where we really see David Carradine’s character explored. With Carradine in the mix, the story is pulled in and rounded off nicely. For an old man, Bill seems like he’s doing pretty well for himself too. He fits the role of Bill really well and though a generation behind the rest of the gang, he is just as tough, if not more so, than the assassins he had working for him.

Kill Bill Volume 2 is fantastic, it delivers in terms of our needs (established in the first film) and adds to the story by focusing more so on character development. While there are less mass fight scenes, we are still treated to a few great showdowns. Teamed with Volume 1, Tarantino has got something really great in his catalogue with Kill Bill.

Star rating:  8/10

Directed by Quentin Tatantino.

Running time 136 minutes.

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