Die Hard: With A Vengeance (1995)

“Said Simple Simon to the pieman going to the fair, ‘Give me your pies… or I’ll cave your head in.'”

Cast: Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson

Die-Hard-3For once, it ain’t Christmas. However we still have John McClane to save the day and I guess that’s all that matters. As an added bonus Samuel L. Jackson has been enrolled to beat the baddies too, and oh what a team these two make.

When yet another terrorist puts the lives of thousands of people at risk, this time by placing bombs around New York City, John McClane and Zeus Carver must play a deadly game of ‘Simon Says’ to diffuse them before they go off.

I really liked Die Hard With a Vengeance, and I would go as far to say I liked it more than Die Hard 2. What I will also say is that this is probably because John McTiernan – who directed the first Die Hard (but not the second) – is back in the directors chair.

Bruce Willis is back in the shoes of his most favoured character for the third instalment of the franchise, and with 5 years separating this and Die Hard 2, it was nice to see that Willis could revive McClane so effortlessly. Teamed with his tank top, his gun and much fewer cigarettes than last time, McClane jumps back to being the star of the show. Along with Willis we also have another protagonist to root for, Samuel L. Jackson. Acting as McClane’s sidekick, Jackson is great as Zeus. In some ways he has been cast in the role of a very stereotypical black man, yet he still really manages to get to the roots of this character and act on behalf of our amazement at some of the things McClane does. He also has the ability to make his role funny and entertaining to watch, which is great as there has always been elements of comedy within the Die Hard franchise.

The bromance between John and Zeus is probably one of the first major man-friendships to grace the big screen and has become very well known. There are no doubts as to why is was so well received throughout audiences either as the writing was top notch. Like previous Die Hard’s the script is full of action, pace and drama. With our dynamic duo having to solve riddles against the clock too, there is a big amount of pressure added to the film.

Die Hard With a Vengeance is my second favourite of the franchise, and I think that’s mainly due to McTiernan getting us back to the McClane way of doing things. With more explosions, memorable one-liners, chase scenes, tense moments and gun battles than before, the third instalment of Die Hard is very reminiscent of the first.

Star rating:   8/10

Directed by John McTiernan.

Running time 131 minutes.

5 thoughts on “Die Hard: With A Vengeance (1995)

    1. Jennifer Horsman Post author

      While I didn’t think Die Hard 2 was a disappointment, I enjoyed Die Hard With a Vengeance much more. It certainly did come a lot closer to the quality of the first Die Hard, though I think it’s fair to say nothing will ever beat that!


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